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new Manhan Trail bridge (redux)

Wayne Feiden writes:

I apologize if you get this more than once. Many people have asked to be notified of the Route 10/Easthampton Road installation schedule, so I am sending this to multiple email lists.

After a delay, all three bridge sections necessary for the Manhan Rail Trail bridge across Route 10/Easthampton Road have arrived. The bridge will be installed this Sunday (9/26)

The cranes arrive at 7:00 AM. First they remove the three bridge sections from the trucks and put them onto the roadway. They will then align and assemble the bridge sections on the ground (for which the roadway will be closed). Our best guess (and it could well be wrong) is that they will actually be picking up the bridge around 11:00 AM, which is the best part of the project.

The public is welcome to come and watch, but this is a construction site and everyone must stay back far from the construction site. 60’ bridge sections, cranes, trucks, construction workers, live power lines all require a healthy buffer zone. We hope to be celebrating the trail itself in just a short time.

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