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Welcome to the Friends of Northampton (MA) Trails and Greenways, a community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to improving the expanding rail-trail network in Northampton,

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Every seven years

Dear FNTG Supporters,

Every seven years the City of Northampton creates a detailed plan for how it
will acquire and manage conservations and recreation land around the city for
the public good. Tuesday will be our opportunity to hear about the new plans
being proposed for the next seven years and we will be invited to give comment
and input on this important document. The public forum is taking place on
Tuesday night at 7pm in the Northampton High School Little Theater.

Your ideas on specific tracks of land the city should protect, as well as ideas
for managing conservation, recreation and agricultural lands around the city are
welcomed and invited. Every city is required to have a open space plan, and
state funding is linked to the creation of this document.

As you might have guested, our city’s rapidly growing network of rail trails has
changed the focus of the plan for the coming seven years. Wayne Feiden, director
of the office Planning and Development was quoted in today’s Daily Hampshire
Gazette as saying, “There are probably more people using the rail trails than
conservation areas. The trails have become a major part of the conservation.”

We hope you can join this meeting and add your voice in support of Northampton’s
Trails and Greenways!

For more info: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fntg/message/281

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  • Also, remember the trsniat connections. A bike facility on 23rd would connect to Mt Baker light rail station, something no alternative route would do (well, directly, anyway). And some day there will be a light rail station on 23rd above I-90. 23rd is simply the most obvious and direct road to these stations. Neighborhood greenways in the area would be great, but they are not replacements for an on-street facility. That line of thinking moves us backwards, not forwards.

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