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Welcome to the Friends of Northampton (MA) Trails and Greenways, a community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to improving the expanding rail-trail network in Northampton,

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Fundraising to purchase a critical easement

We are very excited about the developments on the Leeds Rail Trail and the potential of purchasing an easement to allow a connection to South Main Street in Haydenville (near Leeds and the Northampton Town Line). The City of Northampton and the Office of Sustainability and Planning has made great strides in the past few weeks on this long-awaited front. Acquiring this easement is the first step towards ensuring long-term access to the road from this beautiful stretch of trail.

The easement from existing rail trail right-of-way to South Main Street is on target. There is now a signed Option for the purchase of this easement. Before we can actually close on the deal, there’s a need for final approval from the City of Northampton, Williamsburg Town Meeting, and approval of the State Legislature (to do a complicated land swap to deal with an encroaching garage: life is sometimes very complicated). But all of that is on track.

But there’s also a need to raise $5,000 to fund the easement (since it’s not appropriate or feasible to use Northampton taxpayer dollars).

The Friends of Northampton Trails and Greenways is helping to fund this purchase, and we have already received several pledges. If you are in a position to help support this effort with a tax-deductible contribution (which we will forward to the City of Northampton), your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Contributions (marked “easement purchase”, payable to FNTG) can be sent to:

Friends of Northampton Trails and Greenways
PO Box 60643
Florence, MA 01062-0643

or submitted electronically through our website (www.fntg.net).

Thanks in advance for your support of this important project,
Nick Horton, President

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