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Help save the Hotel bridge in Leeds

Please consider heading to the CPA to express your thoughts about preservation of the Hotel bridge in Leeds.

George Kohout writes:

Hello friends of the Hotel Bridge,

Just to echo Alice B’s earlier request …

If any of you have time this Weds night we sure could use
your brief, personal testimony on the importance of the preservation
of the Hotel Bridge. Perhaps you could speak to these or other
points during the public session of the N’ton Community Preservation
Committee meeting;

** it serves as a crucial link in the N’ton and regional non-vehicular network
** it’s the oldest, standing bridge in N’ton (built in 1880)
** it allows us to stand still and appreciate the river’s scenic and historic qualities
** it’s a connector to conservation lands (Robert’s Hill & the Leeds Reservoirs)
** kids can fish off it
** pedestrians can use it in any weather for errands and exercise
** in time it might connect directly to the Leeds Rail Trail
** it’s a visual reminder of Leeds & Florence’s industrial heyday and
the important role of the Mill river

Thanks for your support … and if you can’t make it this Weds night please
be sure to circle Sunday May 15 on your calendar for the 2nd annual
Bike for the Bridge Ride … and tell all your friends

George K
586 3759

On Sun, Apr 3, 2011 at 9:50 AM, wrote:
I forgot to ask in the previous email sent about the bridge ride…..there is a meeting at Council Chambers behind city hall on Wednesday, April 6th at 7:00 p.m. for groups to present to the CPA. Leed Civic Association will be there and if you have time and can stop in to show support it would be appreciated.

Thanks again,

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