Welcome to FNTG

Welcome to the Friends of Northampton (MA) Trails and Greenways, a community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to improving the expanding rail-trail network in Northampton,

E-mail us: fntg@fntg.net

Fundraising to purchase a critical easement

We are very excited about the developments on the Leeds Rail Trail and the potential of purchasing an easement to allow a connection to South Main Street in Haydenville (near Leeds and the Northampton Town Line). The City of Northampton and the Office of Sustainability and Planning has made great strides in the past few . . .
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Connecting Haydenville and Williamsburg

The Williamsburg Mill River Greenway Committee is preparing a report on the feasibility of a multipurpose pathway between Haydenville and Williamsburg centers roughly following the course of the Mill River. They have scheduled a community forum to seek input.

Would you like to see our village centers more connected? Last time we asked, we heard . . .
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